Tuesday, February 09, 2010


So on top of Sassy Girl Tees... of course there is MUCH more to QD THE CHOQOLATE CHIQ. MUSIC is one of those things. Yep Music... I'm a die hard music fanatic! I spend alot of my down time listening to music, writing short stories and poems. Music is like air to me... I can't live without it. I have so much going on everyday I just have to surround myself with music daily. I came across this really cool Mary J. Blige tribute on Soulbounce back in December BUT it was a tribute to Mary J. Blige. Mary J. is someone I grew up listening to and I still listen to her. Mary has sang about it all!! She is sassy, sexy, strong and just FLY! Yes I still use the word 'fly' SO... I came across a Mary J. tribute and not only was this just any ol' kind of tribute BUT MEN WERE SINGING... MEN singing Mary's songs. I have to admit that made me wonder BUT when I saw the artist... MAN OH MAN!!How could this go wrong!! So... of course I listened to it today and man oh man... yeah I know its February 2010 BUT the music!! sounds so good... soothes me oh so good!!! Please check it out! at http://menlovemary.bandcamp.com/


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