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Eliminate Dry and Drab Hair - DIY Avocado, Honey & Olive Oil Hair Mask

DIY Avocado Hair Mask 
Did you know avocados are known for keeping your hair hydrated?!
It's true! Avocados are great way to prevent split ends also. I'm sure you wondering how, right? It's all about the natural avocado oil. This light weight oil is easily absorbed into the scalp and into the hair shaft. You can never go wrong with this natural oil. 

The next ingredient you'll need is honey.  Honey is the almighty humectant. This natural humectant draws the moisture to your hair (this is great for those who suffer from having really dry hair... like me). It's full an antioxidants as I've said in my HONEY post. 

The last ingredient is olive oil.
Olive oil gives your hair added shine and seals moisture in.

LOCK YOUR MOISTURE IN and throw away the key!


The answer to your your dull-as-dish-water hair can be found in your kitchen (I crack myself up)! 

Deep conditioning accompanied with this DIY Avocado Hair Mask is the ticket (Get on board).

1 ripe avocado
1 Tbs olive oil (feel free to substitute with your favorite oil ex. almond or jojoba)
1 Tbs honey

Open the avocado and remove the seed. Scoop out the flesh of the avocado and place it in your bowl. Add a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of olive oil into your bowl. Blend ingredients. If you want a smoother consistency, use a simple hand mixer.
Next, apply this mixture generously to your hair, first making sure your hair is damp for maximum absorption. Part hair into four sections and massage the avocado paste into your hair. Feel free to use a wide tooth comb to distribute the mixture evenly.
Once your hair is saturated with the Avocado Hair Mask, cover completely with a shower cap.Leave on your head for 30-35 minutes and allow the mask to deeply penetrate hair. Rinse the mask out completely with warm water and follow through with your normal hair routine.

Now let's say you don't feel like whipping up a hair mask... Check out Blinging Beauty's perfect alternate Burt's Bees Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatment(Click here for the original post) 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


This will be a continued post on HONEY!! Honey for your health! 

While honey looks good, smells good and taste good... It's also a healthy sweet treat that will assist your body with additional help to boost antioxidants within your body, as well as, increase antibacterial/antiviral properties. 

This post will deal with HONEY AND ANTIOXIDANTS.  

Why does everyone continually talk about antioxidants?
It's said that Antioxidants assist our body by preventing diseases like cancers and certain heart diseases. 

Increasing antioxidants in your body is the equivalent to having the Justice League available to support you in fighting unhealthy free radicals. 

Antioxidants are heroes helping to keep your body safe from nasty free radicals that may try to take over your innards. (I may have taken that description a little too far... pardon my imagination and creativity)

How does honey become rich in antioxidants?

We are all aware that honey is made by honey bees from nectar of flowers and plants... right? (If you don't know... NOW YOU KNOW - in my best Biggie Smalls voice)

In order for honey to be rich in antioxidants the nectar that is gathered must come from flowers/plants that have antioxidants in them. 

If you're anything like ME... your thought would be well which honey has the highest amount of antioxidants?

According to Nicki Engeseth, PhD, Assistant Professor of food chemistry at the University of Illinois, "Buckwheat is the highest of the honeys tested, with about 3 times as many antioxidants as acacia honey, which is much lighter in color,"

The darker the honey... the more antioxidants seem to be present. 
Now please keep in the mind... Buckwheat honey will taste different from other honey
Buckwheat honey is known for reminding you of molasses (at least that's the word on the street).

SO! If you are a molasses lover, KUDOS for you! ROCK ON! But if you're not a molasses lover, take heed to my warning. 

Do I recommend that honey be taken to increase antioxidants in your body? 
SURE! but let's be honest here, please continue your fruits, veggies and other supplements you may ingest to increase antioxidants in your body. HONEY can only do so much.

Here’s how I incorporate honey into my diet:
Instead of reaching for white sugar, I'll reach for honey to add to my tea/coffee or hot breakfast cereals. I also add honey onto my toast (YUM) and I swallow a teaspoon of honey almost every other day! (That's why I'm so sweet... wink wink)

Honey offers a nice change when you're looking for a sweet substitute and


PS… I’m not a molasses girl LOL! (Stay Tuned for that review)

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hey Honey!

Hello Honey! Did you know honey has a multitude of benefits? Honey is a tried-and-true natural remedy for beauty, health and wellness. 

After becoming an au natural gal, I would often times hear folks say, "just pick up a jar of honey at your local grocery store" OR  "use organic honey ONLY."

What is Organic Honey? 
Well, according to Honey World and the USDA, "Honey is currently NOT included in the USDA’s National Organic Standard according to a recent policy statement by the USDA’s National Organic Program. This basically means that there is no legal definition of organic U.S. honey." 

Of course I couldn't believe it!! ORGANIC HONEY HAS NO LEGAL DEFINITION! (o_O)

According to The Brookfield Farm Bees & Honey "Your honey can be certified organic by the US government, although they have no regulations to define organic honey."

Photograph by Tony Hutchings/Getty Image

So... what about Raw Honey, right? 
Apparently, there is no "real" definition for raw honey also! I know right. Basically, Raw Honey is unpasteurized, unprocessed, unheated honey. Raw honey is an alkaline-forming food. It is best none for it's natural vitamins and antioxidants.

Well now I wondered about Regular Honey.
Regular honey, is pasteurized honey. This honey has basically been heated up ladies and gents. Some say the process of pasteurizing honey kills "bacteria" (like yeast) found in honey and other's say this makes honey's health benefits null and void! (Whomp Whomp) 

Like most folks, I drive to the store, find the magical aisle where honey resides, pick up the jar labeled HONEY, put in the cart and away I go; BUT was it really honey? Did bees make that honey? Should I care? 

I really didn't care until I asked my kiddies to buy mommy a jar of honey. They bought a bear shaped jar of HONEY SYRUP. I explained to my kiddies how important it is... to READ first of all and I began to explain to them this was not the honey I was looking for. The first thing they said was, "it said HONEY and it was in a bear jar". At any rate Honey Syrup could not soothe my upset tummy.

The lesson here is the following:
Just because it's sitting on the top shelf near the Smuckers jams, jellies and Skippy peanut butter (No shade thrown here - I am a regular on this aisle.) OR because it's in a bear shaped container or a odd shaped jar, labeled with cute, smiling honey bees in a wispy motion, does not mean it's the type of honey I'm looking for. Check out the label. Raw Honey is not Regular Honey... HONEY! 

This is PART 1 of a continued post on all things HONEY related.  

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