Tuesday, February 09, 2010

You Never Have To Wear A Bra Again? Breform Surgical Bra

Hello World, as usual I was doing my late night reading online and I ran across this article. THe title read, Breform Means You Never Have To Wear A Bra Again?
AND then I see this thing AND I'm baffled. I had so many thoughts going thru my mind. My first thought was how is this gonna stop women from wearing bras? what size does it come in? where are the straps? does it have tape? does it stick to you?
Then I read... " Now there’s the internal bra"

A internal bra?? WHAT THA... so of course I continued to read and it said, it "goes one step further by putting a reinforcing structure in place, so that you don’t actually have to wear a bra."

The wording REINFORCING STRUCTURE sounded so harsh! SO then I read on, "The product used is called Breform—a firm mesh cup that’s implanted under a layer of breast skin, effectively providing a support to lift and hold them."

I was baffled, I suddenly started to think what are we as a human race doing to ourselves! Is it really this serious?? MESH CUPS IMPLANTED in our chest. I thought about the images we we're sending our daughters and young ladies. I felt sad. What ever happened to loving yourself. Whatever happened to knowing that you are beautifully and wonderfully made. NOW don't get me wrong I'd like to get somethings tucked due to childbirth BUT does it really matter in the long run?

I continued reading and the article went on to say, "While this kind of sounds like a miracle procedure, some of the details are not so pleasant."

Miracle and Not So Pleasant don't go together!!

A plastic surgeon who performs the technique explains, “Over time, the mesh gets incorporated into the breast as the body produces a fibrous tissue that holds the structure in place—like a permanent bra under the skin.”

I went on to read that, "The procedure is relatively new, but so far, none of the 600 women to participate have had any complications."

India Arie has a song called I Am Not My Hair (AND I LOOOOOOVE THAT SONG... it speaks to me everytime I hear it)

I AM NOT MY BREAST!! or are WE?? This really made me wonder... I guess a push up bra isn't enough LOL!! Check out the link. Read it. Let me know what you think.

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