Thursday, April 01, 2010


It’s Spring! It’s April! The sun is coming out every now and again… Blue skies…
My type of atmosphere! Spring time always puts a lil pep in my step. Something about the sunlight I think. Time to shed the winter cover ups and time to reveal a lil more skin lol!
(don’t forget your sun block folks)
Who can step into spring without stepping into spring with new spring time shoes!!
Not sure if all of you know… I have a shoe habit (due to the economy I have really slowed down). I love shoes!! I have more shoes then clothes (yep… that’s not good… I totally agree with you)
I hear that Spring 2010 Shoe Trend is pretty much every shoe we ever had LOL!
Check out these! or

Vintage Vision 72 by Nike

This is one of the other favorite sites I check out all the time. They have cool stuff all the time… Here are 2 things that caught my attention!!

These actually look pretty hot to me for some reason AND I’m not really a Nike Fan… I’m down with Adidas LOL! But these are making me want a pair! Rock my glasses with my
Sassy Girl T-Shirt (please join my business ventures with Sassy Girl Tees! Click on and a pair of jeans!! And some HOT spring shoes!!

Click here to read more

Along with the glasses I saw this -
iPad DJ App by Mixr - This multi-touch DJ mixing app for the iPad offers a virtual dual turntable main interface, Allowing for scratching, reverse play, tempo and pitch adjustment, live EQ and effects, the ability to record your mixes, and the ability to cue tracks. Check out the screen shots below and if you are interested in this app visit
I’m not even a DJ but this… makes me wanna be one!! I can see myself with my own Sassy Girl Spring Party and me playing all the music that I love!! I might need to get a Kangol

(for effect of course)

DJ ChoQolate ChiQ! LOL

Happy April 1st!! Get into the spring of things!!
IT’S SPRING AGAIN! And It’s almost FRIDAY!!!
Time to spring into action!

Choqolate Chiq Communiqué

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