Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Did Beyonce copy Ciara?

Does Beyonce seems to be rocking everyone's hair style these days or what? 

This picture courtesy of wblk.com says exactly what I thought when I saw Beyonce's pixie hair cut pics... I thought to myself is 
Beyonce is rocking a blonde Rih Rih hair-do!?!

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the change Bey is going for. GO HEAD BEY! Do yo thang! No shade thrown here. 
(yes spelled and said just that way)

After a couple of days of the pixie cut, I suddenly saw BEY rocking a blond bob. Of course I screamed out loud... BEY!!! BEY ARE YOU REALLY ROCKING A CIARA HAIR-DO!! 

I wonder which celebrity hair style will be next?


I would love to see Bey ROCK a curly hair-do.
Often times it seems that she is forced to wear her hair blond and straight. 

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