Friday, August 09, 2013

George Duke Rest In Peace

I love jazz!! It saddened my heart to hear of Grammy-winning artist George Duke’s passing. George was only 67 when he passed away from chronic lymphocytic leukemia. One of George’s biggest credits in music was the work he did on the late Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” album, as well as his collaborations with Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, Frank Zappa, Al Jarreau, and even George Clinton. He was a great composer, producer and one my favorite musician. His smile, music, his life…This SF Bay Area native will be truly missed.

As you listen to one of my absolute favorite songs by him. Close your eyes and allow yourself to be swept away by the melodic tunes of the late great George Duke.

Sometimes love… Has no rhyme, and no reason. 

George Duke - Sweet Baby 

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