Saturday, June 28, 2014



Like most women I wear many hats throughout my life. I am a daughter, wife, coworker, poet, art lover, manager/supervisor, business owner, red lipstick addict, nail polish addict, maid, short order cook for a lunch time menu only AND A MOTHER! 

I have a daughter and a son I love dearly. My daughter is growing up so fast... I literally can't believe it! I look at her and still see that little baby I held, the baby with 2 ponytails and 2 bottom teeth, the baby who sat in her car seat singing with me as we commuted to and fro (Bitter Sweet). 

Now she's ready to fly the coup. 

Being a mother is hard work. Some areas we excel and in other areas we can do a little better. The balancing act of #motherhood and life is one that can never be described as easy. You do the best you can and remember to smile along the way. 

My daughter and I tend to lose our minds when Beyonce's song WHO RUNS THE WORLD... GIRLS comes on. 
She laughs every time I scream out the part where Bey sings STRONG ENOUGH TO BEAR THE CHILDREN AND GET BACK TO BUSINESS! 

 Hug her while you can.

Remember to be supportive. 

Share your fashion sense with your little girl.

 Look at her when she's talking.

Remember to smile.

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