Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hello World and Happy Valentines Day!! LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!

Tips Tricks Ideas (Children)

Once again this day is celebrating and recognizing love
Parents don't just stop at giving your partner a Valentines Gift!!

Make sure you involve your child; in this day and age we need to emphasize the bond called love with our children especially
When you plant the seed of love and cultivate it will grow and spread
It's never to early to express love to your child!
We as parents should always show our children how to love, have compassion and respect throughout the year that way they understand LOVE is more than just Valentines Day... It's away of life.

Here are some ideas:
Parents you can buy OR even make your child a card
Show them the love!! let your children/child know that you love them
Get them that lil box of heart shaped candies
Healthier snack Make a fruit bowl full of love and eat it together
Communicate to your child how much you love them!!
It works!
You'll be surprised, kids today are craving for that love and attention!
Give them a memory about the times they spent with you on valentines day AND maybe they will carry this tradition on.
Valentines day cups... Valentines day cider Raise your cups to LOVE!! make sure you say cheers!! I guarantee you... your child will put a smile on their face
Buy a Valentines Day Cookie for yo babies!
Valentine's Day Coupons for kids (You can make these easily Moms and Dads)
Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt
Have the kiddies look for the Cards/Candies
Make a list called Things I love about you (this can be used for anyone)
This is really easy and effective. Sit your child down and tell them the things you love about them and give them a written copy of all the things you love about them!! This is good reinforcement. It doesn't have to cost money to show your love for your loved one
AND of course... Dinner and Movie always works!
Love your babies parents!! Let them know you love them!! I promise you will put a smile on their face

Tips Tricks Ideas (For yourself)

LOVE is in the air!! and if your single! Love yo self!!
You deserve it
You've been taking care of business!
Time to show yo self some love
Thats right!! Dinner!! A good dinner!!
Movie!! a good movie!!
Spa Day, Shopping, Ice Cream, Get yourself a special dessert
Bottle of Wine, OR just relax!! Get that new CD! Get the Sees Candy Box for yourself. Get dressed up for yourself if you want too! When you look good, you feel good and why not feel good about yourself! Make yourself happy!! This is now time to celebrate you and loving yourself! Get some flowers for yo self!! put them in a vase... smell the sweetness WHY!! because you deserve it! Unconditional love for yo self is healthy! Turn this day into... It's all about me and I have somethings I'd like to do for me. Buy some new underwear!! anything!! New PJs LOL! It's all about you!! and you love you!! Now sho yourself some love

Don't just say its another day. It's another day to express love to someone... OR yourself... AND IT DOESNT HAVE TO BREAK YO WALLET!! Get creative folks!!
We must all remember it's important to show LOVE all the time!! NOT JUST ON THE 14TH of February

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