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BOOTY READER & CURVE ID THANK YOU http://fashionista.com/

Hello World!! I've been hiatus... I know... BUT I've been around... I'll talk about that later. Today I read something that really caught my attention... Yes something besides Fantasia's Overdosing and Naomi Campbell vs Mia Farrow
I absolutely love this blog called the http://fashionista.com/ (Check them out!! and make sure to Like them on Facebook or follow on Twitter like I do)

The particular article that caught my attention today mentioned below
Why Denim Companies are All About Da Booty by Leah Chernikoff

Here are couple lines that I'd like to share with your from the article,
(see the link above for the entire article)
“Question: What is that everybody has and pirates and thieves try to take?”
A Tribe Called Quest knew the answer was “Da Booty.” (I loved that quote... brought back some memories LOL)
"Just last week Old Navy launched their “Booty Reader” to give shoppers the chance to find the jeans to best fit their booty’s lifestyle."

A Booty Reader!! What the heck is "Booty Reader" First we get mannequins to stand in for people on the Old Navy Commercials (I know we are in recession & mannequins are cheaper than using human models... I'm all for saving money also)
Then I read on, "Levi’s is launching a line of jeans called “Curve ID” which will utilize new technology to fit jeans based on a woman’s shape"
This is GOOOOOOD!! It's about time people realized women are sometimes curvy... Myself for example, my waist is not as large as my hips and butt soooooo a belt is a must have! If I don't have a belt I have a huge gap in the back of pants... and we all know... that's a fashion no-no (SMH)

I continued to read and came across this, "Their (Curve ID) tag line?
“All asses are not created equal.”Levi’s scanned over 60,000 women across the globe to come up with three basic shapes–slight curve, demi curve and bold curve–which they believe will fit 80% of body types. It’s the solution to many common denim dilemmas: the jeans that fit your ass and thighs but not your waist, or fit your waist but are loose on the ass."

YAY a solution... to my problem!! I love solutions to my problems

The article also said "Old Navy’s “Booty Reader” technology isn’t quite as sophisticated as Levi’s “Curve ID” the motivation is similar: to help women find the jeans that actually fit their ass. Because, as we all well know, a good pair of jeans has the power to make your ass look amazing."

Quite naturally, I go online and look up the "Booty Reader" and the site comes up... feel free to click on the link http://www.bootyreader.com/
AND when I open it up... THE SMHS (Shaking My Head Syndrome) starts
WHAT THA... check out the link please... I'd love to know your thoughts.
I agree with writer Leah, "Old Navy’s “Booty Reader” technology isn’t quite as sophisticated as Levi’s “Curve ID”
BUT here are the jeans I was granted my the Madame Old Navy Mannequin.(I'm not sure what to think of that concept... creepy)

My Bootysign was BADONKADONKUS - Voluminuous hips, perky backside, curve all around

I had to look up Levi's "Curve ID" and just like the article says, you have 3 types of Curve ID jeans to choose from. Slight Curve, Demi Curve & Bold Curve
(link http://us.levi.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=3146849&AB=CMS_Home_CurveID_081010)

I had to go straight to the Bold Curve.
For some reason the Levi "Curve ID" jeans makes me feel better. Not sure if its the presentation or what. Maybe this will be the key for Levi's to get more ladies purchasing a pair of Levi Jeans afterall...

At any rate be on the look out for both!!! It's time for a new pair of jeans to rock with my Naturally Sassy Tshirt & My Afro!! (by the way the Naturally Sassy Shirt will be on sale very soon & can be purchased on the up and coming Sassy Girl Tees site)

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