Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hello World I feel like I need to share my interesting internet finds. I've been wanting to blog about the fun things I find online BUT I've been MIA due to work and what not BUT I'm back (Hello World)and I found some very COOL finds online. For my Pho Fans! I found the perfect definition of Pho. "What is Pho? Pho is food. Pho is: “Phở (fuh) n.Traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup."
I love Pho!! It's mmmm mmmm good. Pho Keeps me warm and comfy on the inside.
While checking one of my favorite sites
(check out lots of cool things on this site)
I saw this and thought! I need share this! This is really cool!
(I love all in one items)

you can find the article and pic on the site mentioned below (check out the site!! one of my favs)

Amongst my finds we have this fashionable piece AND its a cell phone... can you imagine that!

if you don't believe me check out this link

Check this one out!! I want one!! LOL!!
"It’s the “Sound Lounge” Actually a concept from none other than designer Sharifah Nasser, the sound blaster! This is a coffee table that is also a sound system."
I thought to myself... coffee table that's a sound system... I love all in one items!!
Check out the link

reminds me of the good ol' days! Remember these... some of you do... maybe some of you don't
this is actually for sale on ebay (60S RETRO AWA RECORD PLAYER RADIO COFFEE TABLE)

AND... IS CHOCOLATE SEXY!! of course ChoQolate is Sexy!!
CHECK THIS OUT!! if youre into design YANKO is the spot to check out. They have the latest and the greatest and last but not least EVEN YANKO DESIGNS knows that CHOCOLATE is SEXY!
ChoQolate is Sexy folks LOL!!

Choqolate Chiq Communiqué

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