Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hello World - March 2010

Hello World it's March 2010

I'm thankful for another day to shake and move and keep it Sassy!!
Well I've been super sassy-li-cious busy these days. Marna and I had a photo shoot for our t-shirt company called Sassy Girl Tees some weeks ago and MAN OH MAN!! We've been like lil sassy-honey bees ever since.

We currently have a promo shirt on sale!! YES SPECIALLY PRICED and ON SALE NOW!!
This is the first of many shirts for Sassy Girl Tees! I'd like to thank everyone for their support and patience. Thank everyone for their prayers and words of encouragement.
Thank you to our models, makeup artist (Ms. B and Crew), stylist (Marie of Marie Denee/The Curvy Fashionista) and camera crew (Ken Chan, Timothey Alexander White, Kip Brown)
I'd like to encouraging everyone to check out the Sassy Girl Tees blog ( Join if you can!! Sassy Girl Tees has a fan page on Facebook and Twitter (

I hear alot of people asking what is Sassy Girl Tees all about well let's review our mission!

We hail from the Bay Area! San Francisco, California! Sassy Girl Tees is more that a shirt!
We area LIFESTYLE company built and run for ladies by ladies AND YES WE ALWAYS HAVE LOVE AND ROOM for the FELLAS!
Sassy Girl Tees is a clothing company that evokes a lifestyle and culture of women harnessing and basking in the glow of their femininity. Sassy Girl Tees embraces our ever evolving roles as women. We have many roles: sisters, nieces, aunt, mothers, daughters, wives, lovers and friends. Sassy Girl is a lifestyle that represents women everywhere who are not afraid to be who they are. So if you have style, class, confidance, love AND if you coordinate schedules, friends, family and life as easily as you coordinate your clothes & accessories AND you make it look effortless!!

We are here for ladies everywhere who love to make statements without saying a word. We're more than just a girl on a shirt. We are Sassy Girls! We are YOU! Ladies remember to love yourself and always keep it SASSY!

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