Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hello World
I received Mz Badu’s video Window Seat via email from a lot of my friends and a lot of people have asked me what do I have to say about it… the answer is
I LOVE MZ BADU! This is Erykah Badu! This is classic! I applaud her for stripping down to nothing and walking like a queen! BUT it’s the words that I listen to. I loved the way the video was shot (inspired by Matt & Kim/ Lessoned Learned) BUT once again it’s the message that I paid attention to. Check out the words at the end and ask yourself are you they? I never expect the ‘norm’ from her BUT I always expect another spectrum. THE SONG IS HOT!
ROCK ON MZ BADU! But I’m sure everyone who watched the video completely… im sure everyone asked themselves if they are quick to assassinate what we don’t understand? This can be so many things… I’m sure we all had something to think about once the video was over AND that’s the greatest part! Did it leave you thinking? Thank you Mz. Badu!

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