Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Love and Marriage BUT He's Cheating On YOU...

I must admit, I watched bits and pieces of Basketball Wives (Please don't judge me LOL). I was hesitant to watch last night's episode of Basketball Wives due to the unnecessary fussing and fighting. The last couple of seasons of this show were just over the top for me. I honestly do not enjoy watching women tear each other down every chance they get. Needless to say, I did tune in for a little while (like many others) and in that short frame of  time I realized... the views on love and marriage seem sort of distorted. 

When is it ever acceptable to marry a man who happens to sleep around with other women from time to time?
WHY get married?
If you are dealing with that sort of guy... this simply means he is not ready to commit to you (I can hear the round of applause now). Now don't get me wrong, I do realize Basketball Wives is a TV show and the drama makes for "good entertainment" (or so they say). The realization that many women in our everyday livese actually find themselves in this similar situation.

Marrying a man who is not faithful to you has to be one of the craziest things a person could do... unless it's an "open marriage" (I personally don't get that situation also BUT that's another blog post. #IJS)
 I find it heartbreaking to know women will accept "knowing" about the other woman before anyone else knows. I understand things happen BUT if you know your guy is cheating on you BEFORE you walk down the aisle and say "I do", THEN WHY GET MARRIED!? Situations like the one I just described, reminds me of "self torture". No one wants a broken-heart. REMEMBER to always protect your heart ladies, you only get one. 

AND not to bring another reality show into this, BUT during an episode of R&B Divas LA, Diva - Chante Moore had the other Divas re-commit to themselves. Each lady walked down the aisle, dressed in their gowns and recited their vows to themselves in front of each other. This was a very emotional moment for these women. I instantly thought of myself. What would I say? What do I vow to myself? You should do the same.
What do you vow to yourself?
As for me I vowed to do the following:
I vow to forgive myself for my short comings. 
I vow to accept my random craziness. 
I vow to embrace my big smile. 
I vow to unconditionally love myself. 

It is my hope and prayer that if anyone is in a relationship, it's a healthy relationship. A relationship that brings you true joy. If you're not in a relationship, learn to be your own best friend (a phrase my mother uses quite often). Treat yourself right. Be good to yourself. Vow to love yourself because you are worthy. 


images courtesy of TVOne

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