Thursday, June 20, 2013

Burberry's Rosewood Lip-gloss! I LOVE YOU!!

Hello World, recently I attended the Beauty Blush Hour at Nordstrom's in my home town of San Francisco (I love my city) with Beauty Blogger extradionaire Blinging Beauty - Tracey Brown (She is the best! Check out her review of the event at the link listed below). 
The Beauty Blush Hour at Nordstrom is what I call BIG BEAUTY FUN in an intimate setting. (Blog post regarding that event is coming soon!)
While attending this event I received a Burberry Beauty Box.  YES!! A BURBERRY BEAUTY BOX!!! When given this box I looked at it as if it was eatable. Honestly, I could not wait to open it! For crying out loud it's BURBERRY!! I felt like it was Christmas all over again. After the event I rushed home to open this box of sheer delight. I removed the beautiful black ribbon and began to carefully open the box. 

Once the box was opened, my face lit up! Why you may ask? How do I say this nicely... I saw fabuluos-ness!! YES BURBERRY beauty products were at my finger tips! (I did the happy dance). I promise to review each item I received later on so stay tuned. 

First I'll start off with Burberry's Rosewood No. 1 Lip-gloss. This is a must have item for every woman. If you know anything about ME then you know this Choqolate Chiq is a red lipstick addict. I'm a  proud member of #TeamRedLipstick BUT like every SASSY girl... I need variety (nod your head yes with me)! and Burberry's Rosewood No. 1 Lip Gloss was truly a necessity. 

The texture of this gloss PERFECTO. Very smooth. This lip gloss was easy to glide on. It has a creamy feel to it. Not only did my full lips looked simply divine BUT they also felt nourished (not greasy... I hate that feeling). Long wear! YES at least 6 hours ladies! T
he soft color of this lip gloss against my brown skin was infallible! This gloss is a *Choqolate Chiqs MUST HAVE ITEM! 

If you're going for that a bold or dramatic eye, BURBERRY'S ROSEWOOD LIP-GLOSS would be great to wear. 

OR let's just say, you want to look lively and elegant BURBERRY'S ROSEWOOD LIP GLOSS is your answer. 

If you are looking for that refreshed natural look!! GUESS WHAT?! Burberry Rosewood Lip Gloss gives you that and more!

Long story short! You'll love this gloss!!! 

Details about Burberry's Lip Gloss listed below:
Formula: A creamy touch and perfectly adherent texture. Light oils and spherical powders give fluidity and comfort. 

To purchase this lip-gloss feel free to visit Nordstrom or go online to Burberry. The cost is  ONLY $27.00 (it's worth it)

Beauty Blush Hour article by Blinging Beauty listed below:

*Choqolate Chiq - pronounced Chocolate Chick is a brown skin female whose complexion mimics the color of chocolate, milk chocolate and/or dark chocolate. 

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