Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Wave Limited Edition Nail Polish by Marc Jacobs

If you know me...  then you know I am a bonafide #nailpolishaddict. I love everything from the caviar look, velvet shellac, to the latest craze of sea shell polish. 
I'm a total sucker for glitzy, shimmery and quick drying lacquer.

While perusing the aisle in Sephora, I decided to try on Marc Jacob's Limited Edition New Wave polish (because I'm a SUPER junkie for blue nail polish).
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Word on the street is... this varnis gives you the wet look and it's an extreme wear polish (confetti is falling). 

Like any chiq (chick), I love ALL shiny wet polishes. Why you may ask? To me this means a top coat is not totally necessary (tap dancing). 

The moment I applied this Navy blue polish I fell in love (I know... Again lol). 

  1. Easy to apply formula.
  2. The shine was evident. (One coat and I was hooked).
  3. The drying time was pretty speedy!! 
Of course this polish was not $ 1.99! It was $ 18.00 but I was worth it! Not to mention my daughter will definitely use this polish therefore, it's worth it (Mother and daughter moments are priceless). 

Long story short, I'm a happy camper!  

Take a look! Tell me your thoughts.

A bold color with vivid shine against my choqolate skin! 

Love it! 


Btw... I recommend using a base coat (this color can stain your nails and a top coat (finish your mani with a top coat for extra protection).

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