Monday, April 19, 2010


Hello World... I'm ending April on a wonderful note. Plus Academy Bay Area was simply wonderful! Sassy Girl Tees was happy to provide Sassy Cakes for their event. Such positive energy filled the room at Igigi head quarters and it was amazing. The Plus Academy had a wonderful turn out. I was glad to be there. I felt motivated.

For more information on the PLUS ACADEMY BAY AREA please click here

I also attended the 2nd Annual West Coast Caribbean Fashion Show at the Historic Sweet's Ballroom in Oakland. Marna and myself had a wonderful opportunity to provide SassyCakes by Sassy Girl Tees for this event. It was a beautiful show of people and designers.

Here are a couple of the designers that were listed on the program
(All the designers had it going on folks)
The Baddest Bag
Diva's Exquisite Designs
So Dapper Men's Boutique
A Diva's Closet
Seven Styles
I Love Being Black Apparel
Oxford Way
Chan.nel Karama by Latoy Skinner
Headwork Designs by James Head

Worldwide Fashion's Industry & N'Tyce "U"Entertainment really represented well! Can't wait til next year! Great fashion, vendors with all the lastest and greatest items to shop for. GOOD FOOD! SASSYCAKES :) and fun lovin people! I love the BAY!

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SO onto other things... Today Dr. Dorothy Heights was laid to rest
I'm thankful for her and the life she lived... and the example she set for all mankind!
She was a true gift! (Thank you Dr. Heights)

Full Figure Fashion Week 2010 June 16-19, 2010

The WINNERS of the awards were listed and I'd like to say congrads to Igigi, Skorch Magazine and to the Curvy Fashionista (I know Marie Denee was not the winner but youre a winner to me)

Plus E-zine of the Year
Skorch Magazine

Plus Fashion Retailer of the Year

Please click here for more information on Full Figure Fashion Week 2010(I wish I could go... I know it's gonna be SUPER HOT!)

NOW for some craziness I read online thanks to Mr. Jamison! (Gracias)

Cop Busted While Smoking Marijuana On Duty In His Police Car
read it here... LOL!

Being a police officer job... he was stressed I'm sure LOL!!
(just kidding folks... relax... without the help of ol' marijuana)

and on that note! I'll catch you all later!

Time to get ready for MAY 2010!!

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