Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lupita The Beautiful!

Congratulations Lupita!!
Lupita made the cover of The "Most Beautiful" issue of People magazine.
I am elated that she was added to the list! Afterall, she's a talented and beautiful! Intelligent and beautiful! Lupita's fabulous sense of fashion, her gorgeous smile and of course her smooth choqolate skin make her the total package... BUT WHAT I LOVE MOST IS HER ATTITUDE!
Lupita is the epitome of #InsideOutBeauty.
Lupita said, "Happiness is the most important thing,"
Yes! HAPPINESS!! The state of being happy.
People believe that they are happy because of the material possessions they  have. True happiness comes from within. It's important that you feel good about you!
Here's one of my favorite quotes regarding happiness:
"If you think sunshine brings you happiness, then you haven’t danced in the rain." – Unknown
Congratulations Lupita Darling!!!

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