Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feeling Naturally Jazzy

Feeling Naturally Jazzy

To start things off... here is one of my hair envys... Esperanza Spaulding
If you don't know who she is... (yes she's the one who beat Justin B! She deserved to win in my eyes) Please check out the video below and
an article by Curly Nikki titled - Natural Hair Celebrity - Esperanza Spaulding AND if you're not following Curly Nikki... you should follow her! She's awesome!

Cassandra Wilson... Naturally Jazzy
I love everything about her and who could forget that song on the Love Jones Soundtrack! Cassandra Wilson one of my favs!

Chrisette Michele... Naturally Jazzy! Her voice is one that I just fell in love with. I love everything about her! and this is one my favorite songs by her!

(Where's my hairbrush AKA the mic!)

Thank you Youtube & thanks to whoever posted these lovely songs :) AND THANK YOU Cassandra Wilson, Chrisette Michele & Esperanza Spaulding!

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