Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hooked on Sweet Almond Oil

Hello World... Yes I Am Hooked on Sweet Almond Oil
The San Francisco Bay Area weather has been a ball of confusion lately(all 4 seasons in one day)... but that doesn't stop me from glowing! What do I mean... I mean Sweet Almond Oil. I'm hooked! I've been using Sweet Almond Oil every day and let me tell you the results I am receiving have been great! After my shower/bath I just pour this lovely sweet smelling oil on me and I am left with a glow! My skin is reacting wonderfully to it. Did I mention the sweet smell... Yes I smell like a sweet treat (smiling)

Here are some facts about Sweet Almond Oil It's a rich source of vitamin E
Apart from vitamin E it also contains vitamin A
It soothes and softens the skin
Helps to relieve skin irritation
It's a great moisturizer YES it can treat dry skin by balancing the skin's moisture level
Almond oil does not leave you with a oily skin (which I love) - It's a lightweight oil
It's great for aromatherapy and for massages
Speaking of massages... I also massage my scalp with the Sweet Almond Oil
Yes it can be used for your hair also

(Natural Hair Soul Clap)
Almond oil is rich in protein, which can strengthen your hair

Below is an informative article provided by Ehow on Almond Oilhttp://www.ehow.com/about_4609148_benefits-almond-oil.htmla

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