Wednesday, December 11, 2013


She's a talented, beautiful dark-skin, actress AND she has a smile that can light up a room. Do you know who I'm talking about?  
DID YOU KNOW... Lupita was inspired to become an actress by watching the movie Color Purple! (YES THE COLOR PURPLE) Lupita said, "When I saw Whoopi Goldberg and she looked like me, I was like, 'Oh, I can do this!'" WHOOPI INSPIRED LUPITA!! It seems so rare that you ever hear anyone mention Whoopi Goldberg for inspiration BUT why not? 

Now for my Whoopi rant! Throughout my life people have said, Qi you have a big smile like Whoopi Goldberg! (Some people think this is a horrible thing and that it's not accurate.) Quite naturally I say thank you and THEN I say... I wish I had Whoopi's money! I'd really smile like WHOOPI THEN! (I am cracking up... but I am so serious)

We all know... no one is perfect but we cannot deny the many accomplishments Mz. Goldberg has achieved... to name a few... She is one of the few persons to win an Oscar, a Grammy, a Tony, and an Emmy. She has been seen in over 150 films, and she was once the highest-paid actress of all time. Her humanitarian efforts are more than a notion and she is an activist (Power to the people)

Of course we all know...she is (MY FAVORITE) a
 moderator and co-host of The View, Whoopi actually replaced Rosie O'Donnell (I totally forgot Rosie was on The View).


Whoopi Goldberg & Ben Silverman sold an Interracial Romantic Comedy to ABC called Iman and Andy! I KNOW RIGHT?! YES I AM SERIOUS!  

Here's the scoop (Courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter) "Iman & Andy is a thirty minute comedy about two 20-something interracial coworkers at an online magazine who have been secretly dating. They are forced to work on a relationship advice blog when thenew editor-in-chief exposes their relationship." ( I cannot wait to see this one) 

LONG STORY SHORT! WHOOPI is actually BEYOND inspiring!
 BUT what I LOVE the most about her is the fact that she is happy with who she is! despite what people may say. WHOOPI! YOU ARE THE BOMB!! ROCK ON!  AND LUPITA YOU HAVE IT RIGHT!! 

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