Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello World, I've been hiatus... BUT I've been around.

Hello World, I've been hiatus... BUT I've been around. Some of you may or may not know, October 2009 I decided to no longer relax (PERM) my hair. I had so many reasons to stop doing this type of treatment to my hair. After deciding to no longer relax my hair I was forced to deal with my OWN HAIR (yes MY HAIR) and it was the beginning of my hair journey (I wondered why they called it a 'journey'... NOW I know). In the meantime I've stayed true!! And I have not purchased any relaxer and I'm dealing with my natural 'coils of joy' and it's been difficult at times. Not sure how to style it. Not sure what to do it... It's so much hair BUT at the same time I'm glad I did it for so many reasons. In the midst of my journey I have had bad days... (SMH) feeling lost with this hair LOL! I'm a member on alot of Natural Hair Blogs. I thank God for the blogs and youtube! - They are my support group. I was on a blog called Natural Sunshine and I noticed the 'natural hair' groups would have these meetups. They had pics, product swapping and just good ol' fun OR so it seemed. I thought to myself, where are all the naturals in my CITY !!?? I need help. I need a Natural Hair Meetup!! Meet me please!! I need help!!
I'm ready to shave my head bald LOL! I met up with my first Natural Hair Meetup in Berkeley! (Clapping my hands) I had so much fun! It was absolutely great! We swapped products and I HAD A HAIR FAB TIME! Not only did I get free products I had a chance to listen to what others like me are experiencing... I learned a lot. I felt so much better. I left not wanting to shave my hair off. Here are some pics from my first Natural Hair Meetup! If you'd like to join a Natural Hair Meetup Group in the East Bay Area please feel free contact me. I'd be happy to show inform you about great group!

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